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I spent most of my life deeply insecure. Too chubby, too short, small boobs, short legs, you name it, I had a problem with it. My parents and my crummy ex-boyfriend didn’t help. It wasn’t until I confided in the women around me that I realized all of those feelings about my appearance were trivial. They didn’t care what I looked like, they only cared about who I was on the inside. They accepted me; they lifted me up at a time I didn’t have much else and I will never ever forget that. Being photographed by some of my closest (photographer) friends over that time was integral in that hard time in my life because they saw the beauty that I didn't believe I had. The photos of me on this page are my favorite photos of me ever taken. Two of my closest friends through the lens found what I had lost through negative energy from others. They found my confidence & happiness that I didn't see in myself at that time.


As a photographer, making women feel beautiful through photography is an incredible art to be able to provide.


It’s difficult to fight what society tells women to do, think, say, be but we can. We can by being exactly who we want to be and be proud of it. I believe that getting a boudoir session doesn't have to be a gift for someone else, it’s a gift to yourself. This photography session is meant to be fun and an empowering experience. Let's have fun, let's create art.

Photos by Tara welch & lindsey thorne

Why the name clairet boudoir?

Clairet is a type of wine from france and a shade of red. these three things are UNDOUBTEDLY sexy.


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